We are specialize in high precision mechanical processes:

Effe Emme 07 221

TURNING: Effe Emme 96 Srl is able to perform turning up to 500mm in diameter and a maximum length of 2 meters.


Effe Emme 07 209

MILLING: Effe Emme 96 srl, thanks to CNC machines with 3 and 4 axis supported by a CAD_CAM, is able to perform very complex processes and to meet all customer needs..


Effe Emme 07 448BORING-DRILLING-TAPPING: Effe Emme 96 srl is able to realize a wide range of drilling, reaming and tapping using the best available tools on the market and the latest machinery, being able to drill and thread holes details.



Immagine 005

SMALL ASSEMBLY AND CARPENTRY: Effe Emme 96 srl on request is able to perform small assembly and welding.



Effe Emme 07 360

SERVICES: on request we can perform outsourced heat and surface treatments such as gas nitriding, carburizing, induction hardening, anodizing, nickel plating, electrophoresis.